Jonathan Moyo reveals that he warned Mugabe about the 2017 coup
Writing on his official twitter account

The former Minister of Tertiary education Dr Jonathan Moyo was quoted saying ;’This clip is from the video I presented in July 2017 to the ZanuPF politburo, well before the Nov Army coup, to alert President Mugabe & ZanuPF about the coup.

Evidence on the Majonga case is overwhelming. There’s a docket. One of the reasons for the coup was to kill the case!” All the names in this documentary are now in the high offices of the government including the recently fired minister Priscilla Mupfumira.

This is overwhelming evidence that Mugabe in some way should had anticipated what was coming to him.
President has been blasted over the past two years for being arrogant and believing that he was a god that no one could come after him.

This comes into public interest as Mugabe is still bitter about the November 2017 coup and long refused to forgive his long time.

The blue ocean strategy played a very big role in making sure power was to end up in the hands of Mnangagwa. This documentary comes at a time when Majonga dies.