Over the past year, Nelson Chamisa has been patiently hoping for an amicable solution to the Zimbabwe crisis.

Despite massive criticism from his youthful supporters,  Chamisa has avoided direct confrontation with ED Mnangagwa.

This has allowed ED Mnangagwa to hide his true character. Until this week’s call for a Protest March by Chamisa.

ED Mnangagwa has unleashed the full might of the army, judiciary and the police.

Two protests were unconstitutionally banned in Harare and Bulawayo. Threats of unlesshing the army on protesters were issued and MDC leaders were arrested on trumped up charges.

As we speak, Promise Mkwananzi is in Jail for no particular reason.

Its clear that ED Mnangagwa has taken a dangerous path. With the August 1 and July 16 shootings fresh in everyone s mind,  Zimbabwe has been plunged into a new low.  The amount of uncertainty in the country has escalated.

The sad thong is that the public is expressing genuine greviances.

There is high unemployment,  No cash in the banks, power cuts that goes on for days,  ooen corruption and escalating prices.

Nelson Chamisa is justified in calling for protest action.

What ED Mnangagwa is doing is to test him. He wants to see how far he can go.

What Nelson Chamisa does next will make or break him. This is a defining moment.

The temptation is for Nelson Chamisa to play victim. To feel that the point has been made. This is a false victory.

The real task at hand is to reverse the current slide in Zimbabwe. Nelson Chamisa is being called to lead Zimbabwe to a new future.

This means he cant stop now. He has to keep going despite the risks.

He could get arrested,  even worse, he could be killed by the ED Mnangagwa governmnet.

So, it is time to change tactics. My suggestion is that Chamisa should call for a national mass stay away. One that lasts a full week at a time!

The MDC has the capacity fpr such an action. Unlike a March,  A stay Away does not put people in the direct path of root polce and soldiers.

This needs to be sold to the people. A lot of good communicating needs to done. Zimbabweans need to understand that a week selling tomatoes and vegetables is not worth sacrificing the future of their children.

This also goes for partner organisations like the ZCTU. They need to immediately speing into action and call for mass Action.

To accept that the police and army can just act illegally and get away with it is setting a dangerous precedent.

In conclusion

We are now reaching a new stage in Zimbabwe s political journey. If Nelson Chamisa does not make the first move,  the army will. The operation restore economy that we have been talking about could be upon us soonwe than we expected!