Over the past few months, African leaders have snubbed Nelson Chamisa in droves.

First it was Cyril Ramaphosa,  then the Presidents of Mozambique,  Zambia, Botswana,  Malawi and now Tanzania – All lined up to support ED Mnangagwa.

This week, ED Mnangagwa was handed over a key portifolo in SADC in Tanzania.

Speaking At the same SADC meeting, Tanzania President John Magafuli spoke against the imposition of  Sanctions on Zimbabwe and called for their lifting. This is despite the fact that ED Mnangagwa has continued to violate human rights in Zimbabwe.

First,  I need to state that it is critical for Nelson Chamisa to get the support of leaders in the region.

There is no hope of Chamisa taking over in Zimbabwe if this does not happen.

It is important, however,  to understand that this is not Nelson Chamisa’s fault, it’s circumstances beyond his control.

Leaders in the SADC region are a tightly knit club tied together by decades of working together during the struggles for independence.

The relationships are passed down at party level and not at personal level.

This means that any attempt to be friend an opposition party in Southern Africa is seen as a betrayal. This is the most key issue facing Nelson Chamisa at present.

ED Mnangagwa is getting away with gross human rights abuses,  coups,  violation of the election code of conduct and suppression of democracy,  all because of this false brotherhood.

However,  there is an even more sinister motive by particularly,  South Africa.

South Africa has been the biggest beneficiary of the crisis in Zimbabwe.

The South African Agricultural,  Mining,  Tourism,  retail and service industries are built on the sweat and tears of yojbg Zimbabweans.

Chesp labourers are flooding asouth Africa to work as waiters, Cleaners,  domestic workers and builders. Most are paid only enough to eat.

Almost every product you see in Zimbabwe is from South Africa. The destruction of the Zimbabwean Manufacturing sector has exported jobs to South Africa.

Tourists have stopped travelling to Zimbabwe and those who do, make their bookings through South Africaan companies.

Then education sector in South Africa is funded by the fees of young Zimbabwean who struggle in the public schools and have to move to the private school system.

Similarly,  Zimbabweans are flocking to buy medicines at South Africa pharmacies Clicks and Dischem.

I can tell you about the housing market, financial markets and many other sectors that would not function without the contribution of desperate Zimbabweans.

Its clear that South Africa will be negatively impacted by a transformed Zimbabwe.

The chaos in Zimbabwe has benefited the South African elite and they are actively working against chane in Zimbabwe.

All the other SADC leaders are following the lead of South Africa,  making sure that ED Mnangagwa stays in power and Nelson Chamisa stays out.

South Africa has even donated riot gear and button sticks to the ED Mnangagwa government to suppress descent.

These are the reasons why Nelson Chamisa is struggling to win over Africasln leaders in the SADC.

It’s a long road to a free and prosperous Zimbabwe as we once again head toward another coup.