Background and family

Prophet Magaya was born on 6 November 1983 in Mhondoro Ngezi and he grew up in Chitungwiza.

He was a member of the Catholic Charismatic group named Blood of the Lamb Christian Community (BLCC) for many years.

Magaya is married to Tendai Magaya (nee Katsiga) who is a banker by profession. The couple has two sons, Yadah Makanaka and Walter Junior

Prophetic Healing and Deliverance ministries

Prophet Magaya began his ministry in 2012 when he returned from Nigeria where he had an encounter with T. B. Joshua who guided him to his ‘God-given mandate’ .

Since’ then, Magaya has been performing breath-taking miracles which are believed to have drawn the attention of many causing havoc to his predecessor’s congregates.

Magaya has founded a lot of other ventures.


Claiming of HIV and Cancer cure

In October 2018, Magaya made a shocking statement by announcing to his congregation and a press conference afterward that he had found a cure for HIV and Cancer.

He claimed that the cure had been found two years prior to the announcement but that he had been waiting for the cure to be “chemically proven, scientifically proven”. Magaya said the cure was a mixture of 2 plants; once called Aguma, apparently found in Zimbabwe and another from Mozambique.

Magaya also claimed that he had been offered $56 million by an American company, to point them to ingredients to the cure.

He further indicated that he was inviting the government to do its own tests of the drugs to which the government disapproved the cure.

He also pointed out that he had since formed a company with some Indian partners which he called Aretha Medica

Conversion of the Pole dance Bev

In early 2014,  Magaya reportedly converted popular exotic dancer Beverly Sibanda and it was reported that many people joined Magaya’s churh after this.

Magaya opened a boutique for Bev as a way of helping her to earn a living since she was no longer a pole dancer. However, the two severed their ties after three months when Bev was allegedly attacked by Magaya’s bouncer.

In a shocking turn of events Bev complained that the new venture was not benefiting her and she was no longer financial stable and opted to return to her old ways which many claimed was a publicity Stunt and was never a conversion of the heart from the start.

Rape Charges and Affair with Church Member.

In August 2016, Magaya was arrested on rape charges.

According to the case, he had raped an MSU student, Petronella Donhodzo Mandaza, at one of his residences in Harare, and had later given her $200. He was released on US $2,000 bail shortly afterward to appear in court again for trial.

Magaya had indicated days earlier that he was the target of extortion.

In November 2016, Donhodzo apparently attempted to withdraw the rape charges. In withdrawal affidavits dated 8 November 2016 and 15 November 2016, that were slipped under the door at the Harare Provincial Magistrate’s office, Donhodzo apparently reported that she has been receiving death threats from unknown people who wanted her to proceed to testify in court to get Magaya convicted and who didn’t want her to withdraw the case.

In a shocking turn of events on the 1st of December 2016, Donhodzo addressed a letter to Acting PG Ray Goba accompanied by an affidavit, insisting that she was never raped the only answer that many conspiracy theories put forward was that the lady had been bribed.

The state decided, however, to proceed with the trial. The magistrate hearing the application ruled that despite the wishes of the complainant, the State could proceed to trial since it is dominus litus in the matter. Magaya’s lawyers then indicated they’d approach the constitutional cour. The magistrate’s court granted the referral of the case to the constitutional court.

In another case Magaya was also accused of raping Chenai Hassan in 2013 when she was 17 and serving at the guest house, the case resurfaced in 2019 when the parents of the victim came out of the hiding to report this case .However Chenai and her husband appeared on a video denying all these allegations and actually clearing Magaya .This was a similar situation with that of Petronella.The conclusion was that all these ladies are reported to be bribed as a price to keep Magaya clean but the fear is that there will be a lot of other innocent ladies who will continue to be victimized by this so called charismatic prophet

Philanthropic work

Helping small businesses
He has been credited for promoting local informal traders, vendors, and even musicians through inviting them to perform at his church with the likes of Tocky vibes ,Jah prayzah ,Shinso man ,the late Dr Oliver Mtukudzi among others
Donating to the Zimbabwe senior soccer team

On 13 May 2015, Magaya donated $56,000 to the Zimbabwe national senior soccer team known as The Warriorfs ahead of its Cosafa games in South Africa after the country’s main football organization, ZIFA, failed to raise enough money to pay for the trip to South Africa. Players were ordered by ZIFA to attend Magaya’s church session by ZIFA officials and at the church service were handed gifts and the prophet prayed for them

On 12 June 2015, Magaya once again paid for the men’s national soccer team’s expenses. He paid their outstanding allowances and committed to pay for all the travel expenses to Malawi for their AFCON 2017 qualifier match

Business interests

Affiliation with Gunners football club
In 2015 Magaya was rumoured to a have interests in purchasing shares of Premier Soccer League side Gunners FC who were currently in a crisis of relagation His abundant love for the sport led him to purchasing major shares in the club in an agreement that he would acquire the controlling stake from club founder Cuthbert Chitima, who is also an Elder in his church, Prophetic Healing and Deliverance Ministries.He later on rebranded it to Yadah fc and is quite doing well in the premiership now