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Fifty-eight killed in ‘Barbarous’ Niger Attacks Near Mali border

Atleast 58 people have been killed after attacks by suspected jihadists near the Mali border. No group claimed responsibility, but Niger is struggling with two...

Mliswa Says Fired Security Agents Now The Biggest Threat To Mnangagwa

Norton legislator, Temba Mliswa says Infighting among security forces is now the biggest threat to Mnangagwa's government. Speaking during an interview on Tevhmag TV, Mliswa...

BREAKING : 120 Arrested In Bulawayo Police Operation, 200 Kombis Impounded

Bulawayo Police have arrested hundreds of private kombi taxi operators in an operation that started yesterday. Speaking to CITE, police spokesman, Abednico Ncube said: Police in...

Nigeria: Military Steps up Hunt for 39 Kidnapped Students

Nigerian security forces have stepped up efforts to rescue dozens of abducted college students. President Muhammadu Buhari meanwhile vowed an early end to the hostage...

WATCH LIVE: Mary Chiwenga Slams Valerio Sibanda And CBZ Bank

Mary Chiwenga, the wife of Zimbabwe vice President General Chiwenga, has spoken to a Zimbabwean newspaper, Newshawks at great length about her health, financial...

South African Police Shoot Man Dead During Protest

South African Police yesterday shot an innocent passed by dead as they tried to disperse protesting students in the Johannesburg City Centre of Braamfontein. Bystanders...

Spyware Used To Steal Ramaphosa’s Leaked Emails Cost SA Taxpayers R53 Million

The Sunday Times reports that the spyware tools used to steal s_exually charged emails between Cyril Ramaphosa and a number of young women in...

Watch: Ethiopia’s Women Recount how they were Attacked in Tigray

Trauma, anger as survivors and witnesses in Ethiopia's embattled region recount how civilians were sexually assaulted and killed by troops from neighboring country. Eighteen year...

Nigerian Army Dismisses Allegations that over 100 Soldiers have Deserted the Army

The Nigerian Army has dismissed reports that over 100 officers and soldiers had deserted the army during encounters with insurgents in parts of Borno...

WATCH : How Isaac Moyo Secretly Recorded Kembo Mohadi

Newshawks reports that Zimbabwe Intelligence technicians used circles spyware to record former Vice President, Kembo Mohadi 'secret phone calls with various women. The recordings were...

U.S Troops Attacked At Iraq Air Base

A barrage of rockets was fired on Wednesday at the Ayn Al Asad air base in Iraq's western Anbar Province. The base is one of...

Plane Crash In South Sudan Kills 10 Investors

A small plane crashed on Tuesday evening shortly after takeoff from Jonglei state killing all 10 people on board. The victims include two pilots and...

Nigeria: Search For 317 Kidnapped School Girls Continues

The officials in Nigeria's Zamfara state are in touch with the gunmen who abducted 317 school girls last week. Zamfara Information Commissioner Sulaiman Tanau Anka...

Boko Haram Attack kills 16

At least 16 people including children who were playing football have been killed in the Northeast of Nigeria after a deadly attack by Boko...

Body of Italian Ambassador Slain In Congo Arrives In Rome

The body of the Italian ambassador Luca Attanasio who died at 43 years old from gunshot wounds arrived on Tuesday evening in Rome. Luca was...

Congo Blames Rwanda Rebels for Italian Envoy’s Killing

The interior ministry of Democratic Republic of Congo has blamed the killing of Luca Attanasio on members of the Democratic Forces for the Liberation...

Nigeria: Kidnappers Release 53 Hostages

Kidnappers in Nigeria have released 53 hostages whom they seized on a state-owned bus in Kundu Village in Niger State, Nigeria. The group of hostages...

7 Dead After Military Plane Crash

Atleast seven people were killed when a Nigerian Military plane crashed on approach to Abuja airport on Sunday, 21 February. The army generals who died...

Somalia Military And Opposition Fighters Exchange Gunfire

Soldiers from the Somali army exchanged heavy gunfire with opposition fighters during a march in Mogadishu yesterday. A number of people were killed as...

Ugandan Soldiers Sentenced for Beating Journalists

Ugandan soldiers who severly beat journalists on Tuesday have been sentenced for atleast three months in prison. The soldiers appeared in court on Thursday. The seven...

Watch: Ugandan Journalists Severely Beaten by Military

Atleast seven Ugandan Journalists are in hospital with serious injuries after soldiers viciously attacked them yesterday. The attack by the soldiers came while the journalist...

Gambian President Adama Barrow Pledges to Transform Gambian Army

Gambian President Adama Barrow has assured the military of his government unflinching support. The president also pledged to transform Gambian Army into proffessional force as...

WATCH LIVE: Mnangawa Is Not The Head Of Zimbabwe Cartels – Tinashe Jonas

Gambakwe Media speaks LIVE to Ideal Zimbabwe President, Tinashe Jonas about the report titled Cartel Power Dynamics In Zimbabwe. The report, which was produced by...

Myanmar Junta Deploys tanks and cuts off internet Amid Protests

Tensions mounted on the 9th day of the protests in Myanmar as security forces were seen firing at protesters. The military deployed tanks and soldiers...

WATCH LIVE: How General Chiwenga Snatched Ronald Makura’s Wife – Update

UPDATE: General Chiwenga Denies His Number.  Gambakwe Media was yesterday able to call the number of General Chiwenga and when he answered, he asked who...