WATCH LIVE as Gambakwe addresses the demand by Nelson Chamisa for future elections to be supervised by SADC.


WATCH LIVE: Zimbabwe fresh elections to be supervised by SADC.

1. Chamisa still awaiting a formal response from SADC.
2. Chamisa negotiating at Presidential level and elders level.
3. Election re-run the only solution to Zimbabwe’s problems.
4. Chamisa is looking for a negotiated settlement.
5. SADC must issue a statement on Zimbabwe.
6. The SEOM report can not just be shelved.
7. As I mentioned last week. Chamisa needs to follow up with SADC.
8. Chamisa can not have secret negotiations with SADC.
9. Lets look at Hwende’s tweets ( Attached).
10. Hwende’s mission at SADC was simple
11. Hwende was representing ED’s preferred opposition partner
12. As I mentioned last week, ED is refusing to negotiate with Chamisa at SADC can not reach a conclusion with responding to Chamisa.
13. Hwende can not issue a statement on behalf of SADC executive Secretary.
14. Decision on re-run can only be made at Presidential level.
15. It’s a political decision and not a secretariat decision;
16. 1. Mutiple parties trying to disrupt the new Blue team by Chamisa.
17. Various people from CCC trying to associate themselves with CCC.
18. 3. Chamisa has not yet announced the new Blue team.
19. 13. Fake Job Sikala account created.
20. Sengezo Tshabangu not on the list of senators.
21. Two lists now at ZEC.
22. Hamilton Masakadza to be axed as Zimbabwe Cricket Director of cricket after Zimbabwe suffered a string of losses.
23. Bees recover money stolen from a Mberengwa gold miner – B-metro.