Information Communication Technology Minister Tatenda Mavetera has called on Starlink to adhere to Zimbabwe’s laws if it intends to operate in the country.

Matevera was responding to a question asked by former ICT minister Supa Mandiwanzira on Starlink being licensed

She said government is considering a proposal by Starlink to operate in Zimbabwe.

Statlink is a satellite internet constellation operated by American aerospace company SpaceX owned by Elon Musk.

She said Elon Musk like any other company intending to operate in Zimbabwe, should follow the country’s laws.

Matevera said: “Zimbabwe abides by its rules and regulations, respects the sovereignty and dignity of its leadership.

“The Criminal Law Amendment Bill 2022, better known as the Patriotic Act of May 2023, together with the Cyber and Data Protection Act, are the legal mechanisms that enable Zimbabwe to tackle any sensitive or abusive-content that may harm or damage the national interest and reputation of our leaders.

@elonmusk should follow our country’s rules and regulations. Zimbabwe is ready to cope with the influence of Starlink and X.”