MYSTERY as Budiriro Teacher Mai Mandivei Found dead with no injuries

Mystery has gripped the Budiriro community after missing teacher, Mai Magdalene Mandivei was found dead with no visible injuries. However, a post-motem report showed that she died from blunt force trauma to the head.

A local woman who was picking forest herbs on a mountainside found Mai Mandivei’s body lying in a maize field, with her handbag next to her and a notebook under her head. No one could read what was written on the book as it was wet from the rain.

Speaking to Destiny TV YouTube Channel, the local woman said she was startled when she saw the body and ran to a group of people who were praying nearby to alert them of the discovery.

The prayer group ignored her at first and then came to look at the body before telling her to wait. After a long wait, the woman realized that the prayer group was not coming back to attend to the scene as she heard them continuing with their prayers.

The woman then walked to a nearby construction site, where the foreman came with her and identified the body as that of Mai Mandivei, the missing teacher whose missing person report was circulating on social media.

On arrival, the owner of the construction site then called police and the number of the family on the missing person reports.

On opening her handbag, police found that all Mai Mandivei’s belongings including her money were all there.

Mai Mandivei’s husband narrated that he got worried when she did not arrive from school by 13:00 as usual and started calling her.

Her phone was no longer reachable. As the baby was crying non-stop, he started calling around asking family and friends if they had seen her.

By 9PM, the husband says he went and reported her missing at the Budiriro Police station.

mai Mandivei left behind 4 children, one in form 2, twins in grade 5 and the three months old baby.

Her brother told the YouTube channel that there is no truth to the rumours that Mai Mandivei killed herself. He suspects that Magdalene might have been killed in a pirate taxi and then was dumped at the place where she was found.

Community members said Magadlene was a well mannered person who did not have any issues with anyone.

Please watch the video below this post for more details.