Zuva Habane regrets divorcing

Throw back Thursday 👸👸👸

There are many people who think I am Anti-marriage and I encourage chihurrru mumastreets and I don’t blame them.

The truth is I love marriage.
Marriage is good when you are married to the right person and for the right reasons.
Many of us get married too young I got married at 19, some Marry out of convenience, sooner or later reality kicks in and we start to drown in denial and end up bitter.

Let’s not forget there are so many happily married people who are loyal faithful and happy so just because I had a bad ending it doesn’t mean everyone will end up like me so I must not spread bitterness.

I Accepted Divorce.
I accepted divorce when I accepted that people grow and change.
I accepted divorce when i stopped always blaming him and I admitted to myself that I too wasn’t perfect and I also contributed to the breakage of my marriage . (That was tough)

The truth is
the longer you stay the deeper the wound the longer it takes to heal and keep moving . There is a chance you might kill each other.

Many of us Men & women are living in regret and loneliness . We know it ended because we took our partners for granted now here we are lonely learning our mistakes and knowing what not to do in our next relationship should anyone ever settle for us and our demons. Kana ukasato Paikira pamerechi yemumwe

Divorce is ugly!
It is also Emancipating and liberating !
It can either break you or make you
This is why it’s the last option.
I chose divorce.

Here is the harsh truth be ready !
Dear young wives listen to us Old Cargos.
Unless you are ready to be a lone Alpha Female for the rest of your life Dont do this!
Musatevedzere isu ma ex combatants returned soldiers takatsva fuse kare!
Kuno kuzhe yes kune freedom but it can get quite Lonely out here.
Unofa uchingoita ma pierce job if you keep with this attitude!.

Still …….it’s better to be a happy single mother than be a bitter toxic wife.