WATCH: 22 Zimbabwean men died after they slept with the same woman

Video of a Zimbabwean woman confessing to a Masowe apostolic prophet has gone viral.

The unnamed woman confessed to sleeping with 22 men who all died as a result of rituals that she performed using Nigerian herbs.

The woman said she consulted a healer where she was given lotion mixed with herbs to smear all over her body. She started attracting rich men.

The herbs that she bought from Zambia were mixed with roots, the head of a dead chicken and other charms.

She revealed that she would receive reports that  any man that she slept with had died.

She had relationships with 22 teachers from different schools and all of them are reported dead, she said.

The lady begged to be assisted because the problem is now affecting her life and those she loves dearly.

Please watch the video below