Angry Hopewell Chin’ono defends doing business with Acie Lumumba

Popular award winning Zimbabwean journalist,  Hopewell Chin’ono,  today defended doing business with ZANU PF member,  Acie Lumumba.

Writing in Facebook after receiving a backlash from his followers,  Chin’ono said:

Some Zimbabweans will get angry at everyone and everything regardless of the issues.

Some are calling me corrupt for buying fuel which is delivered at home.

It shows how damaged we have become and also displays our grand ignorance.

I tweeted about the unavailability of fuel in local currency, Acie said he sells it in local currency, he delivered at hone because he has a home delivery service.

What is wrong with that?

Shouldn’t I promote his business like I do all other service providers who would have provided a good service simply because you can’t afford fuel?

Is that my problem that you don’t afford fuel, if you don’t afford fuel, Go and register to vote and change your economic circumstances, not to come to my page and insult me as if my first name is ZANUPF and my surname is Mnangagwa!

Our people should learn to focus their anger at the right people, and to understand that there is nothing corrupt about the service that Acie is providing.

We get food delivered at home, we get booze delivered at home, we get parcels delivered at home, chazo shamisa pafuel chiyi?

You buy from Pick and Pay and drink Tanganda tea and you slept or hung out at Meikles and you shop at the Village Walk, yet the parent company donates cars to ZANUPF and their company Secretary is Mnangagwa’s nephew who persecutes us daily.

Yet you are angry at the fact that I bought fuel from Ace? Kwanai nguva ichiripo!

Chin’ono had earlier posted that he bought diesel from Acie Lumumba ‘s company in Zimbabwe dollars.

He posted a video of the transaction and encouraged Zimbabweans to buy from Lumumba.