Popular Zimbabwean celebrity, Mai TT (Felistas Edwards) has angrily revealed that she was fired after she stood up for women who were being abused by Congolese Superstar, Awilo Longomba and friends of the producers at BJB films.

Mai TT was fired fron the film, A LIFE TO REGRET, which is beibg shot in Tanzania by BJB films.

Please don’t watch the video below if you are sensitive to strong language.

Speaking on Facebook LIVE, Mai TT and revealed that trouble started when new cast member, Daisy Handfield arrived on set.

BJB Films announced they fired Mai TT for lack of professionalism

She claimed that Daisy was immediately taken to Awilo Longomba ‘s hotel where she slept.

Mai TT said when Daisy came back the next day, she bragged to the other girls that she has slept with Longomba.

Mai TT said Daisy Handfield slept at Awilo Longomba ‘s hotel on the day she arrived

Mai TT said she revealed to Daisy that there was nothing special about sleeping with Longomba as every girl in the room had done it.

Mai TT said BJ and Longomba would switch sleeping with girls on the cast, besides arranging for their friends to sleep with the same girls.

Mai TT arrived in Tanzania in March

Mai TT had earlier posted that BJB films were broke.

It is not clear if Mai TT herself was used in the way she is claiming the other girls were used by Longomba and BJ.

Mai TT with Awilo Longomba

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