In a shocking development, Nyaradzo funeral services has been criticized after they failed to make Greatman Gwaze a brand ambassador.

Nyaradzo has never posted anything about Greatman until he started trending, after the birth of his son.

Nyaradzo funeral services was criticized for riding on Greatman ‘s popularity

Nyaradzo, which is one of the biggest funeral assurance companies in Zimbabwe, has appointed many popular artists as brand ambassadors, who include Madam Boss and Tatelicious.

Fans were shocked and remarked that the company is riding on Greatman’ ‘s trending story to gain milage without spending a cent.

The company named Greatman as a fighter who hasn’t let disability hold him back in expressing his musical talent.

Many felt that Nyaradzo should at least have made Greatman a brand ambassador, instead of just posting on Facebook.

However, Greatman himself was excited and shared the recognition, remarking :

Maswera Cy nhasi andirare Ndapostewa nasahwira mukuru Nyaradzo Group.

Greatman was excited to be recognized by Nyaradzo group