Botswana YouTuber, Uzapi Hange, explains why in her Otjiherero culture, marriage can only be between cousins.

She said this is because of inheritance as the tribe is very rich and this was done to make sure that there is no diluting of DNA with other inferior people’s DNA.

This was also to prevent the bride price from going outside the family.

She said:

So, with cousin marriages, this ensured that inheritance is circulating within the family and  in this way preserving your wealth you’re preserving your inheritance, over and over again..

The Otjiherero have a lot of cattle. We do have a lot of cattle, so they don’t want to be messing that up with going outside the tribe.

It also kind of makes sense because you already know this person and you share the same values, you share the same tradition. I find that the marriages are quite easier, so I kind of get their rationale behind the whole thing and actually not opposed to it.

But personally, I would not marry my first cousin, actually that was supposed to happen, but, I’m not gonna do it, because they feel like family they feel like a brother.

Yeah, if it’s a first cousin then, I have a problem with it. When it comes to me, but other people if they feel like they’re fine with that, go ahead, it’s 2021 Do what makes you happy. Do what brings you joy!

Please watch the video above this post for more details.