Drewmas Media spoke to Alan Chimbetu, the brother of the late Simon Chimbetu about his life and career.

Key Points

1. Alan got into music in 1992. He started by chance after his brother came late for a show.

2. He is the third brother after Simon (Naison, Brian and Alan).

3. Alan started off as the group’s security guard.

4. Alan has awards in martial arts.

5. The group started as Dendera Kings, before changing to Marxist kings.

6. Dendera is a bird with a unique sound.

7. The biggest event for the group was when Simon was released from Jail. The group held at show at Gwanzura stadium and many artists refused to assist. The show was the biggest to be held in Zimbabwe.

8. One of the lowest moments was when the group bought stolen microphones. The police came and removed the microphones and the show had to end.

9. Asked why Alan and his son (Dougie) and young brother (Tyson) are operating seperately, Alan said this is because he wants to de-centralize opportunities, so that everyone has their own money. He said there is a plan to release a collaboration album soon.

10. Alan said when their brother Simon was sick, he had centralized power and access to money . He had all the money and he made all the decisions.

11.Alan said he is the only remaining brother after all the other three brothers have passed away.

12. Alan has 5 album solly, professor, covenant and urgent matter.

13. The Chimbetu family will hold a commemoration show in August.

14. There is a girl who is singing gospel, she is married.

15. Alan said he has many children and he is married. The eldest has 25, the youngest has 18.

His latest album is ndisina Mari,which is doing well on YouTube.

Please watch the video above this post for more details.