MDC Alliance spokeswoman, Fadzayi Mahere, spoke to Trevor Ncube on his YouTube channel about her life and career.

She explained why she left the UK to come back to Zimbabwe.

Key Points

Fadzai was born in 1985.

1. Fadzayi is a lecturer at the University of Zimbabwe and an Advocate.

2. Fadzayi was a student at the UZ between 2004 to 2008.

3. Fadzayi did a Masters in Internship Law At the University Of Cambridge. She was awarded a fellowship by the Pegasus Society of the inner temple of London.

4. In 2010 she marshaled with Judge Parget in London.

5. She then did legal research at the United Nations International tribunal on Rwanda based in Tanzania.

6. Fadzayi then worked on the case of Jean Pierre Bemba Of the DRC at the ICC at the Hauge in the Netherlands. She says the Prosecutors should have been more in touch with the environment where the crime took case.

7. Fadzayi then went to Kenya, where she was investigating the Kenyan situation. The case in the ICC was not successful, but it forced them to transform their Judiciary.

8. Fadzayi says its people at the top that are toxic.

9. Fadzayi said in 2011 she chose to come back to Zimbabwe. She said she felt that she would not make an impact in the UK. She wanted to make a difference.

10. At that time there was a GNU in Zimbabwe.

11. In 2016, the introduction of bond notes happened. It reminded her of 2008. This was not provided for at law.

12. She then wrote a blog questioning the legality of the bond bite.

13. Newspapers picked up the blog and reproduced it. This coincided with the #ThisFlag campaign.

14. A lot of people stood up. People spoke up and asked questions.

15. Mahere says leadership is about the people.

16. In 2018 she decided to be an independent candidate. She says when she was involved in #ThisFkag, she realised that just speaking out as an activist, only politicians can make the changes.

27. Mahere said she wanted issue based politics.

28. At that time she has #ThisFlag Thursday and she was shocked at the calibre of people running things.

29. Mahere said they agreed that the problem was the brocken political system.

30. She decided to run a clean campaign that can energize the young people.

31. After she lost the elections, Fadzayi said she does not regret it. She got in thinking she would change things but came out changed herself.

32. Mahere said people told her they wanted someone who can answer the National question. They wanted a strong, united opposition.

33. She said being in the MDC is more complicated because decision making takes time.

34. It was also not easy to join another political party such as the MDC, but there was no space as they had rules about who could be a candidate.

35. She tried to write to tye MDC Alliance and they did not come back to them.

36. Fadzai said she participated in Mnangagwa’s Coup because she was sick and tired of Mugabe.

37. She said she does not regret participating. However, she says this was not an endorsement of Mnangagwa.

38. Fadzayi said the mistake that they made as citizens is that we allowed there to be infractions or the constitution.


Other Points

. Mahere said student lawyers in Zimbabwe are not getting enough on the job training because there is too many students being churned out, and few law firms to take all of them.

. Gukurahundi says Rwanda has dove a good job resolving their genocide.

. Fadzayi says people should not wait for the situation to escalate to come to the table.