Makandiwa Is Wrong About The Mark Of The Beast – Rev N Ngwenya

A Bulawayo cleric, Rev N Ngwenya of Spoken Word Fellowship, has differed sharply with Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa, who has been speaking openly against vaccines and microchips.

Rev Ngwenya says those speaking against vaccines and microchips are trying to deceive believers by giving the wrong information on the nature of the beast.

Rev Ngwenya said the world will come to an end through a one world system as people try to go to God through means that were not meant by God.

Rev Ngwenya said the beast is not just the catholic, but all current church systems.

Rev Ngwenya said a nuclear bomb shall be thrown at the Vatican after America is destroyed by Russia.

Rev Ngwenya said there will be an attempt to merge all work systems Christianity, Arabs, Hinduism and other religions into one system.


Please watch the video above this post for more details.