Will General Chiwenga Challenge Mnangagwa Ahead of 2023 Elections ?

A third Faction that is led by SB Moyo is emerging

The Zimbabwe Independent reports that three factions have emerged in ZANU PF, all of which are battling to control the gold trade in Zimbabwe, with the ultimate goal of taking over state power.

The three factions, according to the Zimbabwe Independent, are led by ED Mnangagwa, General Chiwenga and SB Moyo.

SB Moyo’s faction is now reportedly the strongest.

The reports are based on two reports, one by the International Crisis Group (ICG) which is titled All that glitters is not gold and another  by the Southern Africa Resource Watch (SARW) which is titled Artisinal Miners Robbed in Broad Daylight.

Key Points

1. $1.5 Billion is lost every year through gold smuggling in Zimbabwe.

2. The three men are lead competing faction within ZANU PF and the government.

3. ZANU Politicians are patrons of artisinal miners and machete gangs.

4. Whoever controls the good trade will control and rule Zimbabwe.

5. Chiwenga appears to be positioning himself to challenge Mnangagwa ahead of the 2023 elections.

6. Gold Smuggling is thriving because of the monopoly enjoyed by Fidelity Refineries and Printers (FPP).

7. FPR underpays and sometimes pays late.

8. The bulk of the gold is smuggled to Dubai.

9. FPR declined to disclose the identity of their producers and the size of their sales.

10. Dubai hosts the world ‘s only cash for Gold market.

11. Dubai’ s Gold Trade is now worth R75 Billion.

12. Zimbabwe ‘s gold production has grown from 14 000kg in 2014 to 35 000 KG in 2018.


Firstly, in my view, the three factions may exist as mentioned by the Zimbabwe Independent . However, there is likely to be a hidden fourth faction in which is operating in Zimbabwe, which is more powerful, led by a dark horse and this fourth Faction and could upset the other three factions.

This fourth faction is made up and is aligned to G40, the opposition MDC Alliance, and other military and intelligence figures.

This is based on the fact that both Mnangagwa, SB Moyo and Chiwenga were poisoned soon after the 2017 Coup.

Recently, many high ranking military figures died Mysteriously including Perence Shiri who was very close to General Chiwenga.

Secondly, when coming to Gold, Mnangagwa was recently heavily embarrassed when his family was named in gold Smuggling. This could have been a deliberate move to weaken Mnangagwa.

By stopping Henrietta from passing through the airport with the gold, it means all three factions have lost access to Dubai through the Harare International Airport.

The only way for someone to smuggle gold is if one uses a private jet. Between the three factions , Mnangagwa is the only one with a private jet.

Is it possible that the fourth faction has effectively stopped the ability of the three factions from expoting gold cheaply to Dubai.


You can read the report All That Glitters is not gold from the ICG by clicking here