Tinashe Mutarisi of Nash Tv has apologised to Pappa Lodza for accusing him of copyright infringement.

Commenting on Facebook, Tinashe said he contributed to the song Fadza Mutengi and he believes that if he and Pappa Lodza worked together it would have been a hit song.

” I am sorry for the embarassment. It was never my intention to embarrass you or cause any harm to your reputation” said Tinashe.

Pappa Lodza said Tinashe went out of his way to embarrass him by taking the issue to the press.

“People Google me and see Nash paints sues Pappa Lodza for copyright infringement. Usazvichenese uchidaro. I deserve an apology” said Lodza.

Tinashe further added that he feels that he might not have taken time to understand the whole issue so he would like to meet with Tinashe and understand his of the story.

” We are the same person, we have the same goal music wise. Takanyadzisa tichifana kupushira vafaana mberi tikainda Ku wrong side of kwe history” added Tinashe.