Gambakwe Media discusses LIVE the with JCTV Zimbabwe, possibility that Bushiri who fled South Africa will once again have to leave Malawi for another country.

Bushiri will approach the Malawian President, Lazarus Chakwera, on Monday, 16 November 2020 with his concerns about his safety and persecution in South Africa.

He said he has not fled from being tried and has not transferred any of his money from South Africa and he has not changed anything.

Last night, Bushiri gave the following reasons as to why he left South Africa.

  1. Policemen extorting money from him. He opened cases against them at IPID.
  2. In 2018 he reported the same policemen to the National Police Commissioner and Bongo and General Matakata.
  3. He went to General Inspector Of intelligence to report the same.
  4. In 2018, he went to Malawi who wrote to the South Africa Human Rights Commission.
  5. He had to move his family to Malawi in 2018.
  6. The South African Human Rights Commission wrote to the head of the Hawks.
  7. In 2019, the same policemen who he had reported to IPID came to arrest him.
  8. They arrested him for buying a jet for R17 Million, which they attached for money laundering. The change has since been changed to the contravention of exchange control.
  9. The same police officers came to arrest them again after he opened a case against a company a company that defrauded his congregants.
  10. Bushiri says he approached the NPA to report a case against this company and then the police arrested him and his wife.
  11. His life and his wife’s life are in danger as he has survived many assassination attempts.

Is Bushiri In Danger?

  1. Bushiri has established that he is being harrassed.
  2. Bushiri has established that his life is in danger.

Will Bushiri Have A Fair Trial In South Africa

What Are Bushiri’s Demands

  1. He wants his government to intervene on safety grounds.
  2. He wants the five investigating officers to be removed from the case.
  3. His Bail should not be revoked as he has not fled.
  4. He wants the five police officers, 3 prosecutors and a white judge removed.

What Options Are Available to Bushiri?

  1. He can live in Malawi and see if he can avoid being extradited.
  2. He can leave Malawi and go to a safe country and

New Developments

On Friday, Home Affairs was in court and judgement was reserved in Bushiri’s permanent residents case.


Bushiri is now a refuge in Malawi fleeing persecution in South Africa. It is unlikely that he will be sent back to South Africa as he has involved Human Rights Organisations in Both Malawi and South Africa.

However, Bushiri is too big to be in Malawi and will be a political threat to the new government in Malawi. His presence in Malawi will soon meet resistance and he will be forced to flee to another country again.