Ideal Zimbabwe President, Tinashe Jonas, says MDC Alliance Acting president, Thokozani Khuphe should first rsolved the problems in the MDC before she calls for a GNU with ED Mnangagwa.

Jonas said a GNU would be a mistake and a disaster because it is a temporal solution or a cut and paste.

Key Points:

  • A GNU only serves to give positions to politicians and serves no other purpose
  • Zimbabwean politicians only want to contribute when they have positions
  • During the last GNU, Jonas said he was an adviser of Theresa Makone, and the Minister failed to visit police stations despite making a request to do so.
  • The problem in Zimbabwe is a fight for power between the opposition and the government. The mindset in the country is wrong.
  • Zimbabweans are not focused on development but on positions.
  • If ZANU-PF is failing to run the country, they must be assisted to improve.
  • Mnangagwa must create a ministry of monitoring and evaluation
  • Ministers need to be capacitated because some of them lack knowledge
  • The opposition in Zimbabwe see the failures of Mnangagwa’ s government as an opportunity for them to come into office.
  • Khuphe is speaking on her own behalf when asking for a GNU
  • Access To Mnangagwa Should Not be abused
  • Zimbabwe has elections every 5 years and the focus should not always be on change of a President.
  • The problem in Zimbabwe is not always politics.
  • Zimbabwean politicians play the politics of the stomach
  • Zimbabweans can not separate personal interests from party and national interests
  • MDC Is burning and there is need for Mnangagwa and Khuphe to talk
  • Creation of the official office of the opposition is a good idea
  • Chamisa is looking for a mediator who is foreign, this is selling out the unity and pride of Zimbabweans. South Africans never asked a Zimbabwean to fix their problems.
  • Zimbabweans must first love their country before they love their parties and their leaders.
  • Zimbabweans need to change their mindset, think Zimbabweans, think collectively before they think of solutions in Zimbabwe.