Zimbabwe People Power Movement Leader Albert Matapo says there was a mistake in Mali in that the movement there allowed the military to lead the change, while they followed.

Matapo said in Zimbabwe, the Zimbabwe People Power Movement will lead, while the Military will defend the people.

Matapo explained that in Mali, senior military officers gave orders and junior soldiers followed the orders.

He said this is problematic if the military officials then later refuse to hand over power to the movement.

Matapo said Zimbabwe is facing similar problems like Mali such as corruption, mismagement and looting of resources and the people need to be freed.

Matapo said its not all senior army officials that need to support the people led initiative, only a few officers are needed.

On fragmentation, Matapo said although there are some leaders who are selfish and want everything to be done by them, the majority of Zimbabweans are now the opposition and will support the Zimbabwe People Power Movement.

On the regional body ECOWAS, Matapo said like SADC, regional bodiesbare quick to condemn people led initiatives while not condemning election rigging.