David Coltart Appeals to Ramaphosa to Intervene in Zimbabwe’s Humanitarian Crisis

Human rights lawyer and MDC A treasury general David Coltart has appealed to Cyril Ramaphosa to intervene in the humanitarian crisis in Zimbabwe.

Speaking to South Africa eNCA, David said there are terrible things happening across the limpopo,crimes against humanity are being committed under Ramaphosa’s watch as Chairman of the African Union.

Coltart said Ramaphosa cannot turn a blind eye to the horrendous things happening in Zimbabwe thus he has to speak out.

He added that Ramaphosa should urgently call Emmerson Mnangagwa and warn him to stop wrecking havoc in the country.

Speaking on Mnangagwa’s address on Tuesday, Coltart said the threats to flash out political opponents and rogue citizens destabilizing the country has been met with negative crisis across the country.

Coltart said the situation is now ripe, many people are now aware of the nature of the regime, there is momentum building in the international community thus this can be a huge turning point for Zimbabwe.

David said the African Union and other neighboring countries should condemn Mnangagwa for Zimbabwe to have hope again.