Simbarashe Java the Brother to Passion Java has revealed more secrets about Passion Java and how he gets his powers from Ghanaian spiritual leaders.

In an interview with Simba Chikanza of ZimEye, Simba Java said that Passion Java gets his powers from a Ghanaian spiritual leader called Nana that enable him to blind people from seeing his tricks.

Simba said that Passion Java actually buys wheel chairs and pays people huge monies to act as if they are crippled and get healed in front of congregants at a church service.

Even the HIV people who are healed of the virus in churches go through rehearsals in Passion Java’s private homes before they go to church as a visitor and pretend they were healed of a virus they did not even have, said Simba Java.

He said that Passion Java’s tricks along with power he gets from Ghana from sacrificing innocent people helps in getting more congregants each time he does a fake and rehearsed Miracle.

Simba Java says he used to see all this when he stayed at Passion Java’s home in Borrowdale Brooke in Harare and he even knows the secrets of other famous prophets in Zimbabwe.