Simbarashe Java, the brother to Prophet Passion Java, revealed that Passion Java has been having affairs with Madam Boss and South African based musician Nadia Nakai.

Simba Java said that his brother, Passion Java, has been having an affair outside of his marriage with Madam Boss and Nadia Nakai and warned the two ladies to leave his married brother.

Simbarashe Java said that he is still disappointed in his two brothers Apostle Java and Prophet Java who lied that they gave him US$10 000 yet they gave him R35 000 which he used to pay rent and for his well-being.

He said he was the one who made Passion Java successful as he gave him money as much as US$15 000 and gave him some of his cars before Passion was successful.

Simbarashe Java pleaded with Passion Java to help him go back to Zimbabwe to stay with his mother and said that he Passion should return all the favours he did for him before he was successful.