MDC Alliance Women’s Assembly Chairperson Pauline Mpariwa was on Tuesday expelled from the party’s National Standing Committee for failing to attend meetings.

In a hand written note confirming her expulsion, Mpariwa said: “Its a very difficult moment but it shall come to pass… its sad but its part of life in politics”.

Mpariwa said it is a great pleasure to watch the unfolding of events in the committee from behind after such a long time working in the trenches.


A further explanation was given by Mwonzora close ally on Facebook.

Yes It’s True: Mpariwa Steps Aside:

Pauline Mpariwa has stepped Aside from MDCA. She is sighting differences over fundamentals of freedom, MDC founding values and principles. She is also clear, she does not enjoy fighting amongsr the MDC family. Sources say she repeatedly said it’s not about Khupe, Doug, Komichi, Chamisa or anyone. She just want MDC to go back to its founding values and principles of democracy.
However Sisi Pauline as I prefer to call her is has 2 issues that did hurther so much the past weeks.

On A Personal Level.
2 weeks ago Hon. Mpariwa’s cattle were stolen in Chinhoyi. She then travelled to Chinhoyi due police investigations over the theft of her cattle. The culprits have since been caught. However the MDCA leaders demanded that she should have attended the STANDING COMMITTIE meeting than tracing her stolen cattle. She was at the same time accused of being friendly and soft to Khupe, Doug, Komichi and Mudzuri where she humbly answered she can’t be enemies to the MDC members and she does not see anything wrong with talking to each other despite Political difference. Hwende and others were saying how come the story of your stolen cattle is also known by Constitutionalists

Yesterday Pauline failed to attend Chamisa’s SC meeting because she had people putting a security fence at her cattle post (Danga)
This was a necessary effort to reduce the risk of cattle theft at her kraal. However as SG Hwende refused to have non of it. He demanded that Mpariwa be removed from all MDCA WhatsApp groups cause she is a sellout (Mutengesi). A language popularly used by the Wamba camp to attack and abuse women with different views in the MDCA. Murisi Zvizvayi went further and “kana muchida kuona kuti Pauline itsotsi tumirai vanhu ku cattle post ikoko auye ku meeting then totumira vapfana kuti vavake Danga rake”, I quote.

Back In Harare
Once she got back to Harare. As Assembly of Women Chair Pauline thought it was necessary to update her coleagues in the MDCA about the trauma of thieves breaking into her Chinhoyi residence. She was surprised to find out that she had been removed from all groups being the SC, Women Assembly and others. When she asked the admin they referred her to Hwende or Chamisa. 2 weeks ago Mpariwa was also not happy by the way she was forced to read the fake national council resolution purported to have been made at HH recently

MPARIWA being MDCA NATIONAL WOMEN CHAIR feels that the serious abuse of women in the MDCA will not stop and it’s continuing. MDC under Tsvangirayi had no history of being insulting and being disrespectful to women. This knew trend of attacks and insults on women started after Tsvangirayi death. Sources say this character has been brought in by G40 and to a point by Tendai Biti who is popular with vulgar language

MPARIWA has decided to step aside as a member of MDCA Nero SC. She is also stepping aside as Assembly of Women Chair. She wants MDCA to go back to the founding values of democracy and rule of law. When I spoke to her she clearly said she is aware of the backlash, insults and attacks she is going to receive as it has become a norm to be insulted by Jecha camp.

Ndatenda – Nyasha Munemo