Patrick Zhuwao a politician and a Facilitator for the WBS courses in business has identified space for the provision of medical consumables like masks, sanitizers and personal protective equipment as the world fights Covid-19 pandemic.

He said he is Facilitating for some of the colleagues in Southern African religion to be able to access consumables needed in the fight against the coronavirus.

Zhuwawo outlined his career from computer systems engineer to business executive, farmer, politician and a Facilitator.

He started as a computer systems engineer after graduating from the city university of London with a bachelor’s degree in computer science engineering. He graduated with a master’s of business administration focusing on information technology management.

For about six years after post graduating, Zhuwawo worked as a computer systems engineer with the instrumentation control sector of industry, world design supervisory control and data acquisition systems, install instrumentation within Zimbabwe.

He later moved into general management, his company became a founding shareholder of telecel Zimbabwe’s second largest mobile operator.

After being pressured by his uncle the late Robert Mugabe, Zhuwawo ventured into agriculture in 2002.

Commercial agriculture was fruitful as he managed to produce 400 metric tonnes of maize and wheat, 500 cattle and 350 goats for slaughter.

In 2016 won a best beef cow as he produced stock of high quality.

He moved into researching on the interface between digitalisation and agriculture to emerge in farmers.

Currently he is lecturing at the after school of business innovation and technology, the undergraduate program in innovation and entrepreneurship at the Vitz School of business.