Zimbabwe President, ED Mnangagwa officially  opened  the Ministry of Information, Publicity and Broadcasting Services’ Call and Data Centre, on Thursday

The Centre was sponsored by Innscor Africa and Liquid Telecom.

The call centre, located in Newlands, Harare, is a helpline that can be accessed by all Zimbabweans to get information relating to Covid-19 and any other factual Government information.

Mnangagwa expressed worries over the increase of covid 19 confirmed cases in the country

“It (Covid-19) has just begun to attack Zimbabwe and the spike is beginning to show an upward trend in our country. Yes, we have introduced a lockdown some two weeks ago but we are realising now that the pandemic is now more serious than at the time we introduced the lockdown,” he said.

“As I launch this, it is at an early stage but I believe as we move on, the more we speak about it on television, on radio and in print newspapers, I believe that more and more of our people will get to know about this facility and possibly in future there may be need for you to expand the facility here,” said the President.

Information, Publicity and Broadcasting Services Minister Monica Mutsvangwa said the helpline would provide a free and easy platform for citizens to get factual answers to questions they might have, not just related to Covid-19, but any other issue that impacts their lives especially under this lockdown.

“They will be timeously informed of the interventions that are being made by Government. Information is now a free phone call away.

Any Zimbabwean from the four corners of our 10 provinces can access it. It will also provide a quick, fast check platform. This is actually a good platform where citizens can easily check whether information they have heard is factual or fake.

This centre will decongest the clinical Ministry of Health and Child Care health care centre help line by providing an alternative platform for non-clinical inquiries.”