Dr Clarence of tv 7 live defended loraine Guyo after she was criticised by Mai Titi and Chamvary.

Clarence In live video on youtube said a comedian has to understand that being in the entertainment industry comes at a cost, you get insulted but a real comedian should not get angry.

Mai Titi instead of attacking Lorraine on social media, should have called her and told her to retract the video in an appropriate manner.

Clarence said Chamvari and Mai Titi are losing views and rating , but Lorraine’s following is increasing because she does videos regularly.

He added that when people notice that your brand is growing bigger they find ways to destroy you, Roki was broken by people who realized he is something great.

Journalists on mainstream media hate on the Gorillas, those who do online journalism, because people are no longer advertising on mainstream media but rather choose the socialites with huge followers.

Chamvari is a radio personality but she is not popular hence clashes with Lorraine because she is growing and gaining popularity thus the likes of Chamvari feel threatened.