Fullname : Christabelle Stembeni Mahlungwa

Known as : Queen Of The South , Mambokadzi , Queen Of ZimHipHop , Goddess Of Too Much Sauce

Born on : 15 April 1995 , Harare

Occupation: Rapper

Active Since : 2017

Spouse : Benias Mupasiri


Kikky was born in Harare and raised by her both parents.

She did her primary school at Avondale Primary School and part of her high school at Nhowe Mission before she was expelled.Now she is a student at GZU


She says she first went into the booth at Brycenation studios when she was 16 and from then she never looked back.

She then launched her professional rap career in 2017 when she dropped her first album Queen Of The South which got her awards and then in 2019 Mambokadzi which features her topcharting song One One.


•After releasing her first album , at a time when Tiara Baluti was the Queen of Hiphop in Zimbabwe, Tiara said some bad things about Kikky on a podcast.

•Kikky responded by doing an Instagram live calling Tiara out. Things really got heated after Powerfm set the two young women up and let them exchange words at the national broadcaster.

•Christabel Kikky got more attention as the controversial queen after releasing her video for Body Conversions which was said to be inappropriate for televison.

•She was also accused of gang assaulting a rapper called Holyten who had done a diss song for her.

•She was said to have pepper sprayed young ladies from C.U.T for talking to her longtime rapper boyfriend Fucci

•Kikky is also known as the keyboard warrior on social media because she is always ready for a clapback using Vulgar

•She once got into it with Vimbai Zimuto for her n*de pictures but have since become friends


She is happily married to the owner of Dynasty Cakes Benias.

She cites her husband as her biggest support system.


She comes from a very religious Christian family and she always puts God first.

She has a sister who made headlines after Kikky reported her missing only to find out she had eloped with her boyfriend to South Africa when she was 15years old.


3 ZimHipHop Awards

2 Changamire Awards