Speaking To Vuka Zimbabwe on Facebook Live yesterday, Godfrey Tsenengamu said Zimbabweans should understand that the fight against corruption is not an event.

Tsenengamu said he has surrendered vehicles to ZANU PF and is continuing with his fight against Cartels.

Tsenengamu said both ZIDERA sanctions and corruption have had a negative impact on the Zimbabwe economy but Zimbabweans Should fight against Corruption, something that they have control over, unlike sanctions, which are not in their control.

On people who are complaining that the list did not include the most corrupt people, Tsenengamu said anyone who thinks Mnangagwa and Chiwenga are corrupt must make their own list and include the two as himself and Lewis Matutu do not have a monopoly to make lists of corrupt people in Zimbabwe.

Tsenengamu said so far he does not have evidence that the two are corrupt.

On accusations that he is corrupt himself, Tsenengamu said he was allocated a farm in Bindura in a 2005 and everything was above board.

He challenged anyone with evidence that he is corrupt to come forward

Tsenengamu concluded by saying that since all state organism are captured, the only way for people to fight corruption is for a people ‘s anti corruption movement to do it.

Tsenengamu said they are not asking people to leave their parties, he believes that be can fight corruption from ZANU-PF while others fight from their own parties.