Khaliphani Phugeni, the Spokesman for MDC-T President Dr Thokozani Khuphe has said Nelson Chamisa should come to POLAD without any pre conditions

Phugeni said POLAD is recognized by the United Nations, SADC and the AU and Chamisa can not continue to hold the country at ransom.

Phugeni said Chamisa can not substantiate his claim that the elections were rigged as he lost in court.

On Dr Khupe going to ED Mnangagwa ‘s farm, Phugeni said Dr Khupe went to the farm to see how ED was utilizing land allocated to him.

Phugeni said the MDC-T recognizes ED Mnangagwa ‘s election and does not wee any problems engaging with him to find solutions to the problems in Zimbabwe.

On demand for cars, Phugeni said the MDC-T is not in POLAD for benefits. In fact, they used their own resources to go into POLAD for the first 3 months.

However, Mnangagwa has offered to assist where POLAD is under funded.

On Thabo Mbeki visit to Zimbabwe, Phugeni said Mbeki was never in Zimbabwe to Mediate and only met political players to hear their views.

Phugeni said the MDC Alliance and Nelson Chamisa are responsible for making life difficult for Zimbabweans.

On Elections, Phugeni said Chamisa had no right to access the ZEC server because the server was hacked by people like Jonathan Moyo and other G40 elements.

The server was therefore not an issue as the primary evidence is what Chamisa should have had from his own polling agents.

On Madhuku, Phugeni said Madhuku had his own party and is not in any way in MDC-T.

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