Gambakwe Media can exclusively reveal that Albert Matapo and Tinashe Jonas held a secret meeting in South Africa today.

This is the first time the two militant Zimbabwe leaders have met since they began speaking about their respective plans on removing the ED Mnangagwa Government.

While the youthful Tinashe Jonas is more forthcoming with his plans, the military experienced Albert M has been reserved about his plans.

Albert Matapo leads the Zimbabwe People Power Movement which has been recruiting coordinators agree their first successful Congress this month.

Albert Matapo was jailed for seven years during the Mugabe era and left Zimbabwe after his release.

Tinashe Jonas was jailed in Zimbabwe did 3 months after his attempt to arrest ED Mnangagwa and General Chiwenga was blocked by heavily armed military intelligence.

Tinashe Jonas later claimed, while speaking on Gambakwe Media, that he had been Poisoned while in Custody in Zimbabwe.