In this Episode, Gambakwe Media speaks to Edward Mutondo ( Spokesman) and Vimbai Mupunga ( Treasurer General) about the Economic Freedom Fighters Zimbabwe.

Mutondo says the EFFZ was formed in 2016 and contested various parliamentary seats in 2018 elections. The EFFZ was in the People’s Rainbow Coalition during the 2023 whose Presidential Candidate was Mai Mujuru.


The EFFZ is a radical political party related to the Economic Freedom Fighters in South Africa.

Land Reform

The EFFZ believes in equitable land redistribution and will do a proper land audit and take back land from multiple farm owners.


The party wants sanctions to go now as they are hurting ordinary Zimbabweans.


EFFZ Does not believe in any form of Colaition with ZANU-PF as they say the party has failed.


EFFZ believes in a proper investigation and compensation for Gukurahundi.