Sources close to the #TysonWabantu Campaign have exclusively confirmed to Gambakwe Media that two seperate meetings took place between General Chiwenga and Savior Kasukuwere.

Both meetings were facilitated and overseen by the Chinese.

Saviour Kasukuwere reportedly traveled to China during the first week of November. Details of their discussions were however not made public. It was also revealed that Acie Lumumba, who is the campaign strategist for Savior Kasukuwere was in attendance during this meeting.

On 21 November, General Chiwenga reportedly stopped over in Cape Town and once again met with Savior Kasukuwere. This meeting was also overseen by the Chinese.

After this meeting, Saviour Kasukuwere tweeteda threat to E.D. Mnangagwa – “What goes around comes around”

Shockingly, Zimbabwe gvoernment officials , including ED Mnangagwa did not know that General Chiwenga was going to be returning to Zimbabwe. They were only informed 2 hours before he landed that he would be coming back to Zimbabwe.

Current Situation
General Chiwenga is clearly not fully recovered from his sickness and will not be able to immediately assume the role of President.

He however knows the high expectations that everyone has about his return. He is also still angry at the poisoning by the Mnangagwa faction and will want to hit back hard. General Chiwenga knows that this is his last chance to make his mark.

It has been reported that before Mugabe died, he had reconciled with General Chiwenga and asked him to help Tyson to become President.

General Chiwenga will not go back on his word to Mugabe as he feels his sickness is connected to his role in the Coup.

The stage is therefore set for a major confrontation between ED Mnangagwa and General Chiwenga.

Tyson Strategy

Kasukuwere will be adopting a two pronged strategy: Re- Admission into ZANU-PF and re-engagement of Nelson Chamisa.

ZANU PF structures in Manicaland, Bulawayo, Mashonaland Central, Mashonaland East and Mashonaland West have already been approached and are supporiting the re-instatement of Saviour Kasukuwere into ZANU-PF.

Kasukuwere has also held secret meetings with Nelson Chamisa in recent days where a pact was agreed with the blessings of Grace Mugabe.

Nelson Chamisa will be willing to go into a power sharing arrangement with General Chiwenga, Savior Kasukuwere who he sees as more responsive than ED Mnangagwa.

The Chinese will not allow General Chiwenga to be outsmarted and will be handling his security from this point onward to avoid him being poisoned.

Coup or No Coup?

Its clear that both ED Mnangagwa and General Chiwenga can not be in government at the same time. There are too many toxic issues surrounding the two.

The return of General Chiwenga and his secret meetings with Savior Kasukuwere signal the beginning of a new era in Zimbabwean politics.