Saviour Kasukuwere has been reported to be involved in a crime where 95 elephants where poisoned. Grace Mugabe is said to have covered up the crime.

The revelation has been made after Kasukuwere’s remarks on twitter that it is not hatred of each other that will take Zimbabwe out of its challenges but a need to collectively confront the elephant in the room, accepting failings and making corrections.

A source using Zuva Moyo’s twitter handle said that Kasukuwere, with the help of Grace Mugabe covered up the story after a former Zim Papers journalist Tinashe Farawo had exposed them.

“This story was covered up, you were exposed by Farawo Tinashe when he was a journalist at Zim Papers, had him arrested and later used your powers to promote him to Public Relations Manager at Zim Parks so that he could be silenced.

Jonathan Moyo wanted to raise funds for Tsholotsho stadium renovations with Ivory tusks thus you both approved poisoning of the elephants and Grace Mugabe protected you and covered up the story,” she said.

However Kasukuwere responded to the allegations saying that he is ready to stand before the courts again if they can handover the evidence to ZACC.