Watch Prophet Passion Java dance after recovering Rolex watch

Watch Prophet Passion Java dance after recovering his watch. Hopefully the $2000 USD reward has been given to the person whom found the watch.

Not only does the youthful and charismatic prophet has the ability to see into another person’s life but can also shake what his Mama gave to him.

Prophet Passion Java recently lost his $20000USD worth Rolex watch at the recently held Twabam Nyama festival which was held in the capital last week.

There was a stampede as revelers scrambled for the Gafa Riddim and Twabam in the middle of the stampede that’s when the youthful prophet realised that he had lost his watch.

A reward of 2000 was promised to anyone who finds the watch or anyone who had links to its whereabouts. Now that the watch has been found Team the rains are now going to come down to Zimbabwe,as it circulated on the social media that no rains unless the watch was found.