We Will Not Try To Impress the Opposition says Lewis Matutu

The video is a Zanu PF Youth League discussion being addressed by Lewis Matutu

The Zanu Pf Youth Leader Lewis Matutu urged young people not to waste time trying to impress nations which pay fools who are either looting or not serving the interests of the people,”

In a Youth League discussion held in the Capital, Matutu urged young people not to give up as their fight is being felt by their rivalries.

“So the war that we are fighting is being felt by those we have targetted and its just a matter of time before they back off but we must not back off before them,” he said.

He said that in a meeting he had with British delegates, they explained to him their position regarding the imposed sanctions.

“You have no need to hate us because when it comes to sanctions, we only know the ones we imposed on the late President Mugabe with his wife and those on the Zimbabwe Defence Leaders only.

Matutu said the league has connections which he wants all youths to benefit from regardless of their background.

“We are a Zanu Pf Youth League and we have the connections but we want to incorporate others even those that think they are smart yet they are not, we want them to come and say their lack of smartness infront of everyone”.

He added that their approach is concentrated on empowering youth with knowledge and resources so they will request for more land especially from people who are failing to utilize it.

He urged young people to avail themselves physically at the march against the imposed sanctions to show that they are no longer welcome in Zimbabwe.