The Chronicle reports that MDC Alliance Magwegwe MP and Nelson Chamisa ally, Anele Ndebele, has been arrested for impregnating a rural Kezi form six student.

This will come as a major blow to Nelson Chamisa who backed Ndebele during the 2018 elections despite massive resistance by the Magwegwe constituency.

The married Ndebele had an affair with the young student between April and May this year and took her to various places in rural Kezi until she fell preganant. He then disappeared, until the girl made a police report leading to his arrest.

Anele Ndebele was controversially elected without any primary elections despite a spirited resistance by Divine Mafa, the US based son of Felix Mafa who also wanted to represent the MDC in the constituency.

Anele Ndebele does not reside in the Magwegwe constituency and used his girlfriend’s adress to contest the elections.

The scandal is likely to hurt the MDC Alliance’s image as this behavior is not expected from their MPs in rural communities.