UFIC Sunday Service Snippets
06 October 2019
Emmanuel Makandiwa

1 Kings 18 vs. 30

In verse 30, Elijah called the people but in verse 21, he went to the people and in verse 21, he said to the people, For how long shall you between two opinions? If God be God, follow Him but if Baal be God, follow him.

(1 Kings 18 vs.1) This is happening after three consecutive years of famine in Israel after the Prophet Elijah had presented himself before King Ahab. The people had disobeyed the Laws of the Lord.

God wanted to send a revival. But before the revival could come, he sent a famine before the revival.

(1 Kings 17 vs. 1) Elijah said there shall not be water or dew but according to my word and after that, he disappeared.

So Israel didn’t have not only the rains but also a Prophet.What a season of dryness! Israel didn’t have water and a Prophet.

(1 Kings 18 vs. 1) After a few years, God told Elijah to present himself before the king.

(vs 17-18) The king blamed the Prophets for the troubles of Israel and the Prophet blamed the king and the people.

Elijah told the people that they had disobeyed the commandments of God; they were worshipping Baal, a foreign god.

(vs 23) Elijah then asked them to have two altars; one for him and one dedicated to their god and overwatched by their prophets. He asked them to make provisions for everything else for the sacrifice but not the fire.

(vs 24) He then told them that let the God that answered by fire be God!

Elijah told the people that if your god is God, let him answer by fire. But if Jehovah answers by fire, let us follow the God that answers by fire!

The devil is a liar! There is no other God but our God! Our God answers by fire and He is God!

We complain more than we pray. We have to speak. If we do not speak, nothing will happen.

After the coming of the fire, there will be rain!

Let the God that answers by fire be God!