Prophet Bushiri- We Have Different Levels Of The Anointing

Jesus was not called Christ until he was anointed .The name Jesus Christ came after the spirit came upon him when he was baptized by John.

Acts 10:34 reads how God anointed Jesus of Nazareth with power .Paul could even boldly say i can do all things through Christ which strengthens , he did not say who he said which because Christ is not the person its the anointing.

Jesus said you are the sheep , in the world any snake that bites a sheep dies instantly because the sheep has anti vernom in its blood.

The anointing comes in the holy spirit but having the holy spirit does not mean you are anointed to do certain things .Romans 10:1 you do not claim your own self righteousness like the Jews who were zealous but out of their own capacity .When the spirit is with you its a low level but when the spirit is in you its now another higher level.

Acts 1:8 says you will receive power when the spirit comes upon you and he will consume you.The holy ghost should be in you ,the anointing works like this , it is like fuel in a car you need to refuel always.The anointing is dangerous it breaks everything , demons can sense the anointing and you can even share the anointing.You have to have that consciousness for the anointing to work.I can greet you and nothing happens but when I want to something can happen to you.

You need the anointing everyday , everything you do needs the anointing.Anointing has nothing to do with age , nommater how right you are , you cannot stand an anointed man God chooses the anointed over the right because He wants to protect his spirit on you.

God even warns in the bible do not touch the anointing. People fight me but its amazing where they are now.