ED Mnangagwa Captures Leo Mugabe To Spread Confusion Over Mugabe’s Burial

At this point in time, all Zimbabweans and even the international community are fed up with the Mugabe burial drama. No one really cares now, all that people want is to let the former president be laid to rest and let the nation start focusing on the real bread and butter issues.

However, ED Mnangagwa is very happy because everything is working for his own good and plan. The only thing that Mnangagwa wants the most now is for Mugabe to be buried at Heroes Acre. He wants the legacy of burying the founding father of the nation.

To achieve this, ED Mnangagwa has sown confusion into the Mugabe family over the burial place of choice. Grace Mugabe wants to respect the wish of her husband, but Leo has already been captured by ED Mnangagwa to spread confusing statements and mislead the nation. Leo will continue doing his job of issuing conflicted statements until everyone else is not bothered by wherever Mugabe is going to be buried.