MDC President, Nelson Chamisa and his leadership have done well in the difficult stance they have taken on Former Dictator, President Mugabe.

They introduce a new brand of patriotic opposition politics that seeks to put country first. It changes the debate from PRES Mugabe to them.

They are displaying their character and not being sucked into the divisive politics that has defined our country. You don’t need to be like ZANUPF or to celebrate an anniversary amidst global leaders and other Zimbabweans at the funeral of President Mugabe.

It’s completely out of character. It’s not about him! PRES Mugabe has a known tragic record of human rights abuses.

The problems Zimbabwe face of military rule, rampant corruption and collapse are Mr. Mugabe’s legacy. But he is also loved by many for his role in the liberation struggle in which many paid the ultimate price. But there is a need for better communication from the MDC information department about the decisions they take.

In fact, the MDC can take this opportunity to extend this brand of politics to unlock the current impasse we find in Zimbabwe. Railla Odinga has done it in Kenya.

The challenge for the MDC is that they are dealing with dishonest partners. Once Mugabe is buried ZANUPF will return to its modus operandi of naked and shameless profligacy The bigger question is and the challenge is that Zimbabwe needs a new path and a new narrative!