Transformer Oil now used to fry Chicken and Chips: ZESA

As most people are always wondering why transformer oil is always being stolen, Fullard Gwasira the Group Public Relations Manager has explained it!

A warning has been issued to consumers not to eat from unlicensed and unregulated fast food outlets as most of them are now using oil from electricity transformers to fry their chicken and chips!

This has been one of the most sh0_cking explanations! Transformer oil being used to fry chips and chicken?? It has also been explained that consumers can happily eat food fried with transformer oil and never suspect anything!

“Why thieves steal transformer oil: Transformer oil is laden with toxins called PCBs & looks just like cooking oil. It lasts much longer when used in frying chicken & chips because the PCBs are resistant to acids & need about 200 days of direct sunlight to start breaking down

These PCBs are proven pollutants & carcinogens (cancer-causing).

So let us beware where we eat those fried chicken, fish and chips and report cases of vandalism.”