WATCH LIVE as Gambakwe looks at the failed diplomatic efforts by Mnangagwa who is leaving South Korea without announcing any deal.

Mnangagwa was hoping to attract government to government cooperation and obtain food acid, however, his government’s human rights record is proving to be a hurdle for him as he travels to democratic countries.

Key Events from yesterday

2. Mnangagwa met with President Yoon Suk Yeoul and First lady Kim Keon-Hee in public.
3. Mnangagwa was not afforded any time to discuss anything in detail.
4. As seen from pictures, the South Koreans did not provide any public announcements of deal
5. Mnangagwa is travelling aimlessly one conference to another and does not have a strategy for attracting investment.

Please watch the video above this post for more details.


1. Mnangagwa engagement with UK, India, Rwanda, Kenya, Zambia, USA, UAE have not yielded any results as Zimbabwe is not attractive to investors.
2. Key issues are around high political risk, poor infrastructure and a weak currency.
3. CCC MPs have accepted parliamentary positions in the Sengezo Tshabangu led Opposition.
4. Zimbabwe government has lifted bans on Blue Circle, City Bus and Simlex coaches. Its not clear if any remedial actions have been taken.
5. ZUPCO grounds buses as ZIG is not being accepted by fuel dealers.
6. Drivers arriving and just signing a logbook but have nothing to do.
7. Zulu King Misizulu Ka Zwelithini is vigilant against possible violence and has acepted the results announced by the IEC.
8. Misizulu has instructed chiefs in charge of hostels to report any attempts to instigate violence.
9. Tagwirei gets contract to place bucket seats at the National Sports Stadium.
10. The supreme court has ruled that Justice Christopher Dube Banda can not preside over the case of the murder of events planner Sipho Dube in 2020. Dube was killed by Munyaradzi Mawadze, the son of Justice Garainesu Mawadze. The supreme court has ruled that the case must be heard by a foreign judge. Munyaradzi is being charged jointly with Elvin Dongo Saungweme and Devlon David Balami. All judges at the High court except Dube Banda have refused to hear the case.
11. Net One cancels plans for a Smart City
12. Steward Bank reports massive jump in USD profits