WATCH : Beverly Sibanda ‘s husband furious after she does the Pena challenge

Recently married popular dancer, Beverly Sibanda, has infuriated her husband, Mufudzi Chambuka, after she uploaded a video of herself doing the Pena challenge.

Please watch the video of Beverly Sibanda doing the Pena challenge below.

Mufudzi told friends that he is fed up with Beverly ‘s behavior which is not suitable for a married woman.

He vowed to begin divorce proceedings as soon as the Lockdown is over.

On her part, Beverly said as long as Mufudzi does not pay rent, she will do everything necessary to make money.

She revealed that Mufudzi has blocked her on his phone and hasn’t paid rent for her for over 3 months.

Please watch the video above this post to see Beverly Sibanda doing the Pena challenge.