South Africa President, Cyril Ramaphosa, tonight addressed the country in the wake of the third wave.

Key points from the address.

1. SA is struggling to cope with the impact of COVID-19.

2. Ramaphosa is aware that South Africans are concerned about the restrictions.

3. We have started to recover and rebuild.

4. The Mass vaccination program is gaining momentum.

5. A third wave is upon us.

6. We have recorded an average 7500 daily infections.

7. 791 people have died over the past 7 days.

8. The positivity rate is rising.

9. Gauteng is the worst hit, making up 2 out of 3 new infections.

10. We need to act as hospitals are near full capacity.

11.When exposed to a person that is infected, we should quarantine for 10 days.

12. There are lapses in our behavior. If we are diligent we can bring down infections.

13. We must once again tighten restrictions on movement of persons and gathering.

14. South Africa will move to level 3.

15. Curfew will now start at 9pm.

16. Gatherings limited to 100 or less than 50 % in smaller venues.

17. Funerals limited to 50.

18. Night vigils, after tears not allowed.

19. Alcohol sales 8am to 6pm.

20. Alcohol on site will be permitted up to 9pm.

21, Alcohol consumption at public places is nor permitted.

Please watch the video above this post for more details.