SB Moyo Slams British House Of Lords

Zimbabwe Is a sovereign State

Zimbabwe foreign affairs Minister, SB Moyo, has slammed the British House of Lord’s for debating Zimbabwe, after the discovery of 6kg of Gold in Henrietta Rushwaya’s luggage at the Harare International Airport last week.

Moyo said:

It is unfortunate that the respectable House Of Lord’s debated Zimbabwe as if it is still a British colony.

Moyo said Zimbabwe is a sovereign state and the British House of Lord’s should not interfere into the affairs of Zimbabwe.

Moyo said Zimbabwe is comitted to re-engagement with the UK and has signed an EPA agreement with Britain for improving trade, however, this is not a licence for interference.

Moyo congratulated Tanzania for holding a free and fair elections that were won by the incumbent, John Magufuli.

The Opposition in Tanzania has rejected the results.

Please watch the video above for more details.