Zimbabwe Strongest Man Eats 2 loaves, 1/2 chicken And 30 eggs Breakfast

Jonathan Muvingi is looking for a sponsor

Meet the strongest man in Zimbabwe, Jonathan Muvingi, who eats 2 loaves of bread, 30 eggs, half a chicken  and a pint or milk for breakfast.

Muvingi told NewZimbabwe.com that he started wrestling in 2015 at the ZNA and was trained by Mr Ray Mashinyire. Up to 2013, he had no sponsorship to leave Zimbabwe for competitions.

After 2013, he managed to get some sponsorship from the ZNA and represented Zimbabwe in International wrestling championships, managing to come back with a bronze medal.

Hard Work

Muvingi says he believes in hard work. When he arrived in Iran, he says the guys there were huge, but he managed to beat them.


After 2013 he attended the Olympic games and by 2018 he felt he was now ready after he got media exposure .

This happened after he pulled a truck at the National Sports Stauldium and the video went viral.

Before that, he went viral after a video of him pulling a plough was shared on social media.


Muvingi says there are 10 wrestlers in Zimbabwe and they do competitions among themselves where there select who will be going out of the country to represent Zimbabwe.


Muvingi says the diet that he eats is very demanding. For example, his breakfast is made up of two loaves, half chicken and a pint of milk and 30 eggs.

Muvingi says this diet is demanding on his family. However his wife is supportive although he would appreciate assistance.


Muvingi says he needs support in terms of marketing, food, transport and gym facilities.

He says he is passionate about marketing Zimbabwe and nothing else.

Final word 

Muvingi says Zimbabweans Must work hard and play hard and they will succeed.

Please Watch the video above for more details.