In a Shocking turn of events, Jay Israel has reportedly sent his goons to attack a former PR officer at his church.

Thabisa Ralawe spoke to the Sowetan Newspaper and revealed that she has received death threats ever since she talked to Jay Israel and the tyres of her car have been slashed.

Ralawe also said Jay Israel is using a fake name compared to the one on his Zimbabwean ID.

She also says Jay Israel has made false claims that she is bitter because he declined her s_exual advances.

Thabisa said she had received three contracts from different NGOs for motivational speaking , which have now been cancelled because of potential bad publicity sorrounding her video with Jay Israel.

Thabisa says she exposed Jay Israel after she discovered that he was using actors in his miracles.

She also says she does not accept his apology.

Please read the full story in today’s Sowetan Newspaper – 21 JULY 2002